our values.

Our values help us stay committed to loving God and people genuinely. They are the non-negotiable concepts that shape us as a church.

At Trinity Church, we value:


We want people to know that Jesus loves them; no matter what their story is, or what they think of themselves, Jesus sees them, knows them, and has a great plan for their lives.

And if He loves them in such a great way, so should we.


We recognize that a relationship with God is a life-long journey of getting to know Him, and growing closer to Him; since all growing things change, we as Jesus followers need to keep growing, and changing! As a church, we lean into that process, and let God shape us through His Word (The Bible), His Presence (Prayer and Worship), and His people (fellow Jesus followers).


We believe that God has invested abilities, and gifts, and finances in every one, and that when we trust God with each of these, we see Him do great things. So we give freely of ourselves to see His work happen in our church, our community, and across the world.


We want to love God with every part of who we are, and love others as much as we love ourselvesĀ  (Mark 12:30-31). God, and people, deserve our best effort, enthusiasm, and creativity.

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Psalm 118
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever.